Magnet Potery Site:
Students can pull out words and create their own magnetic poetry poems to save and print. Students use "kits." Apparently you can also use this on the white board. I plan to include it as an independent option activity for when students are finished or as an enrichment activity.

Sentence Scrambler:
It's a puzzl,e and it's play as students try to put together sentences. You have to plug in the sentences and the scrambler scrambled them. This encourages close reading and can work well as a manipulative also. Idea: Scramble two sentences; one written with a very negative, harsh tone and the other written in an oppsoite tone. Have students construct different sentences displaying different tones.

Another sentence scrambler, along with additional "makers"

Nifty grammar, English and writing games
KS1 is very easy
KS2 is medium
KS3 is more challenging (high school)
KSCG is hardest
From the BBc so there is a bit of British spin. Try the Gut Instrinct.

Road to Grammar
Very basic sentence completion quizzes that apply to the part of speech, confusing words, etc. Many different topics.

Great Source Grammar Lessons
Animated grammar lessons. For example, sentence combining starts with talking about dependent and independent clauses. I may use some for instructional purposes and then provide additional guided and independent practice.

Setence Combining Instruction and Quizzes
The first pages or so are chock-full of instructions about sentence combining.