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What's What

Welcome to Everyone's Wiki: For students, staff and me.

  • This site contains information to help me, to help you, to help people interested in improving and challenging themselves.
  • If we don't grow, we don't change. If we don't change, then we stay the same.
  • The choice to use the tools people offer you is always yours, and yours alone.

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen,

others make it happen."

Michael Jordan

How It's Set Up
On the menu bar, to the right you can find all sorts of pages.
  • Some pages contain resources for me so I can keep learning. For example, My Feeds page helps me stay connected to important and interesting information that gets updated on the web. My Resources page prevents me from losing all the neat internet sites I find.
  • Some pages contain resources for students. Word Study page helps students tackle all that tough vocabulary teachers expect them to learn. Writing contains information about writing. You get the idea.
  • Some pages are for other teachers. Usually, if the page is really teacher-oriented, I'll label it with "for teachers" at the end.
  • But everyone can see every page.

Contact Me

If there is something you want to know about or comment on or suggest, please email me at